Saturday, November 24, 2012

Change of Direction

Morning all, just sat here on a grey wet miserable Saturday morning, both my cherubs are up though Evie has only just woken from her feed at 7 this morning, and the boy has been up since 7. 

So I thought I would come online and just update a few things, up until a few weeks back our plans for the house was simple, pull the front of the garage level with the house (5ft ish) and knock through giving us a nice large kitchen, Roger was then going to put a conservatory and then extend up over the garage giving us a nice large bedroom with en-suite giving the kids the other two rooms................

Well that was then and that was before we realised that actually the width of the garage wasn't really a bedroom width! it would have been teeny tiny, so now we have decided to get plans drawn up for a loft conversion, we are still going to do the same downstairs as that is our main issue the downstairs space is just crazy and what with the imminent arrival of the big fat guy delivering more presents im already getting worried as to where this lot is going to end up!!

But that is the plan anyway, the architect will pop over in the new year, get some quotes then do the scary bit and ask for more money!!

Will keep you all up to date


Friday, September 21, 2012

Ok Maybe I havent moved yet!!

HHmm ok so, I have started another blog over on Wordpress and loving it, but somehow cant bring myself to delete this one - so was thinking what can I use this one for?

Any ideas? one idea was we are due to extend our house when I return to work so I could use this one as my ideas blog, you know the things I want, colours, themes, gadgets.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moved to Wordpress

So I thought a new start was needed and in hope if being more blog productive I thought lets start a new one, so slowly I'm creating a new one here

Any tips would be grand x

Claire x

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, what can I say? I am truly rubbish, crap, useless!! I think they are some words that I can safely use.

I cant beleive I have not been on here since January! What has happened in the last 10 months. Well not much apart from really busy at work and running around after Oliver who has gone from sweet and angelic to the one with the terrible two's ggrr like monster.

We had a few scares at work near the begining of the year but it has really picked up and since February we have been flat out.

I took the decision around April time to stop my book sales from Mini IQ, I was just finding it was taking up valuable time and I really didnt want to be going out of a evening when I could have been spending it with Oliver and Roger, and I wasnt really making a great deal of money.

As for my crafting im so sad that I havent done anything this year? why cant I just get into it? I used to love it so much and found I was in my room several times a week creating something lovely, but im struggling, I have all my stuff out and its all there waiting but I just cant get motivated!

I keep reading everyones blogs and they are all wonderful and so inspirational, but obvisouly not motivational enough to get my backside into gear.

I have also found out that one of my presents that I made last year for my mum hasnt even been touched which has saddened me as I put so much time into it :-(

Anyway, my other ongoing battle has been my weight loss and since last September I have lost just over 2st, but have one more to go and as they have just changed their system from Points to ProPoints so hopefully this is the boost I need.

Maybe next time I log on I might have something crafty to show you

Me x

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2010 everyone

Ok so my plan last May was to stay on top of my blog but I failed miserably last night, I am putting it down to going back to work and trying to get myself into a routine. A lot fo things fell by the wayside last year, so I am hoping that 2010 is the start of a more productive and organised year.

At the end of 2009 I decided in my wisdom that I wanted to do something extra with my time, you know to fit in with working 4 days a week, looking after Oliver who is now 19months old, try to keep on top of my scrapbooking and photography so I decided to turn my hand at selling Chilrens books by Mini I-Q, so not much then lol - well November was an amazing month, I had between 2 and 3 parties a week and pulled in a lovely sum of money.
So in 2010 I would like to up my parties for the books, try my hand at a new craft - knitting is on the cards, but also I really want to step up my scrapping, I have a ton of photos that need printing and scrapping as well as putting some in albums. I am also looking on UKS 1 maybe 2 year long challenges so I really want to get myself organised so any tips welcomed.

So I have decided that I want to do the following challenges Document 2010, and Project 12 and there is possibly one other but not sure yet, along with the normal house challenges so will be busy this year. I just want to get on top of it all really.

But as we have all seen this year so far has scuppard my plans alreay, as I was house bound last week for 3 days due to a little snow, ok it wasnt really a little it was nearly a foot and half if not more, took poor Roger nearly 4hrs to dig the van and car out, it was crazy!!

Here are a few photos of last week.

My Car covered and buried!

Daddy and Oliver off for a
walk in the snow

The entrance to our estate - I love where we live

Right, so I think I have updated enough for now dont want to over do it now lol - anyway I have kind of somewhere (page 458 :-) ) I have declared that I want to update my blog on a weekly basis so im hoping that every Sunday/Monday I will be here updating my blog, from what I have been upto, to my books and any crafting I have done. And if I find im doing well I might update more regularly!!
But for now thats your lot its late and I have just realised how knackered I am - so for now Nightie Night

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting There

Ok so not as regular as I was hoping to be, but I think I am doing better then before on the updating!

Anyway, I was watching QVC the other day to find it was craft day, I dont normally by stuff from there as I dont actually find it a good price let alone adding on their P&P prices which is always a bug bear for me. But the TSV caught my attention as it was a card making kit, and as I the day before had spent over £10 on 7 cards I thought its time to get back into making my own cards.

It arrived on Saturday and surprisingly its not that bad, I started making some last night and found the quality was really pleasantly good. so looks like I will be keeping this kit - watch out for some photos soon.

Other news, my little man has been poorly we think its more teeth on their way through, he has never suffered with nappy rash before but he has it now since Sunday his poor peachey bottom it red raw and has drawn blood at times, I had to pick him up from the CM today as he was really pooly, doesnt want to sit on his bum or as soon as he has soiled his nappy it has to come off immediately! I am hoping this will pass soon as he is really suffering.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say hi to those that have been checking my blog so a big thank you.

Claire x

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where is time going................... ??

So it is now coming into May and I have no idea where time has gone, one miniute im enjoying my time off with Oliver and the next minute I am back to work which was in March and now im going into May.

I have managed to do one Book-a-trix for my friends little girls chirstening a few weeks ago. But that is all I have managed to do.

(The box i made for the card with an acetate front)

(The actual card)

But I have my friends littles one all turning 1 in the next month so I have decided to make them all a first birthday card along with a keep sake which is going to be an exploding box with photos of them throughout their first year with some captions and poems, and inside will be a number 1 in the centre. Well this is the plan and I am really going to try to stick to it. So once i have made them I shall post a photo.
I have been getting back into checking UKS daily I really have missed that site, but I do still check my mummy site Bounty - thankfully I am not that busy at work so I can browse a little more then often which is good.
Sorry its taken so long to update my blog, I am hoping to rectify the lack of posts and get back into my blog and craft.

Night Night

Claire xx